Trump Using Campaign and RNC Funds to Pay Legal Bills


When Trump promised to create high paying jobs, no one thought he was  talking about all the lawyers that would find work defending Trump and  his family. (Credit: Ashby C Sorensen) CC0 1.0

Why would someone purportedly worth billions of dollars have  to resort to using re-election campaign funds and Republican National  Committee money to pay hundreds of thousands for his lawyers representing him in the Russian  probe?  And while that seems like a ton of bucks to average Americans in dire financial straits due to their long, slow slide into poverty  thanks to the GOP, in perspective, that is like making $50,000 a year  and taking out a second mortgage to pay for a $3.29 Burger King Meal Deal.

It just doesn't add up, unless Donny Sr. grossly inflated his net worth, which may be a valid reason behind not wanting to release his taxes. Either way, the dude has no shame.

The RNC reportedly forked over more than $230,000 in August to cover some of The Great Pumpkin’s legal bills. Jay Sekulow received $131,250 and John Dowd was paid $100,000. Marc Kasowitz was heading the team of private lawyers, but he stepped down in July.  Trump then brought in Ty Cobb to handle the Russian problem that just  won’t go away. Like his administration, his legal team is a revolving  door.

The US Federal Election Commission does not prohibit the use of private campaign funds to pay legal bills, but, usually, these are earmarked for issues such as ballot access and  not permitted to be used for ongoing criminal investigations. According  to his most recent filing, his campaign had about $12 million at the end of June and paid $50,000 to the law firm of Alan Futerfas, who is  representing Junior. Perhaps footing the bill for the kiddies mounting  legal bills is hurting Daddy?

Special counsel Robert Mueller's legal probe has forced Michael Flynn’s family into setting up a defense fund to cover his seven-figure legal bills. One Trump campaign aide who is merely a witness and not a target said their own legal bills have topped six figures.

While most Americans want to see Trump impeached, impoverishing him and his family of grifters may have to do.